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A tool that converts normal text to fancy text which can be used on instagram.

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About Instagram Fonts

This site enables you to generate instagram text fonts that you can copy paste and use in your instagram bio or post descriptions. If you are looking for an easy way to make your instagram bio stand out this free font tool is your answer. Simply type in any text and results will get auto generated. If you want even more options press the button "load more fonts" and another set of text variations will get generated.

How does this instagram font generator work? There are hundreds of different Unicode characters which our generator randomly selects and shows you all different combinations. Unicode is fully compatible with instagram and that's why you can use it without having to add any third party resources.


As you've probaly heard computers store data in ones and zeros. This means each letter written here is stored as a series of ones and zeroes which get transmitted from a web server to your computer. Long ago in the early computer days there was no standard way of interpreting the ones and zeros which obviously caused quite some challenges but gladly in the 1980s a standard called Unicode was introduced. This Unicode is basically a translator that understands which code refers to which textual character.

Due to the fact that Unicode was the new standard all the old systems had to be incorporated into this new system which means that there are hundreds of different characters, text symbols and emojis which enable us now to generate fancy text for your instagram bio or posts.

Text Fonts or Text Symbols?

ASCII characters are the first 128 symbols of Unicode, which consists of the letters you are reading right now. As outlined earler Unicode consists of many more characters which look very similar to this text and this enables us to create these generated text versions. When someone is talking about fonts it actually means a set of graphic that correspond to some Unicode gylph. There are many font familys like Comic Sans, Verdana or Arial, these are fonts but when copying a generated text here you are copying symbols that exist with any font so the fancy text above are not fonts but separate characters just like our alphabet.

Copy and Paste

As described above thanks to the fact that all these symbols are seperate characters you can copy paste them and they will display properly without having to care about which font is used. If they would be fonts then every website would show something different as the font would control what is displayed.


While in theory all Unicode symbols should get rendered properly Instagram has some filters that prevent a few fancy letters from rendering. If that is the case just try to use a different one and you are all set.

I hope this gives you an overview on how this site works and you will enjoy using all the Instagram fonts that are being generated. Don't forget to utilise the "load more fonts" button as it will keep generating random font combinations as long as you keep clicking.